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Creating custom-fit strategic video marketing plans that help owner-operated businesses and marketing managers build TRUST, save TIME, generate INCOME. 

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Whats the story with video

Imagine being able to capture the perfect moment, message, and experience of your business and drop it in front of anyone in the world?

🎨 Paint the big picture

Your story is the one thing that sets you apart from the competition. Our “Video Business Cards” are designed to get your story at the forefront of your marketing. This makes people want to work with YOU, not just need your service.

🎬 Its what people want

When was the last time you read a manual, instructions or a companies “about us” page? Our go-to choice is video. By using video throughout your marketing channels we are making it easier for people to learn about us and interact with us. 

🚀 build trust fast

Clients often have worries, misconceptions and hang-ups about working with us – Its nothing personal! We’re strangers to them. By putting a face to a business and showing we understand their problems or worries we develop trust like no one else.

💡Our approach

Our bespoke video marketing plans are built with your business at the centre. What are your pain points, what are your goals, who is your audience and what makes you different? We combine that with cinematic visuals to create an amazing business asset.

"That Video Strategy Company" is a video marketing agency based in Manchester.

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