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Stop approaching video as a check box exercise and unlock the full potential.


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Comprehensive video plans that cover your social media, website and backend - Never worry about what you need to film, where it needs to go or how long it needs to be.

The right stuff

£ 1500 +
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Super Charge it

£ 1500 +
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With all of these packages we are also able to offer full social media management and creating ad campaigns for an additional monthly cost

What is the process?

Deep Dive & Strategy

Firstly we review your discovery form, you’ll have a meeting with Ash (the guy in the video above.) The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about your goals, your business and most importantly your customers.

After that we inform you of ways within your business you can utilise video. To really start getting an edge on others in your sector we generate ideas to propel your business forward and capture your best bits. Allowing you to see the big picture of whats possible.

Filming & Post

Secondly and Often the most nervous but exciting part – Filming. Because of the work we have already done in the “Deep Dive & Strategy sessions” time spent filming is fun, rather than stressful.

Throughout our goal is to create an atmosphere that allows you to get comfy and speak to us authentically therefore allowing a true representation of you and your business to shine. As a result of this an asset that properly resonates with your audience is created.

Implementation & Support

Thirdly we put that plan of action into place. With the video assets completed it’s time to give them that purpose, that task, that job to do. We start to make the impact you’re after by coming to us.

Lastly and our final point. Above all else growing your business and getting you results really is our passion because of this whether its in the form of a check up phone call or all the way to full on aftercare if you require it – we’re there for you, providing guidance and support.

Our mission

“Save time, generate income and build relationships with your customers.”

By using video for what it is – The most powerful marketing tool available to business owners.

There is no doubt that video marketing is the #1 way for businesses to connect with their customers.

It allows you to transport your business; the experiences, feelings and emotions and deliver them right in front of your ideal customer without them needing to leave their home.

However, most businesses are under utilising video, even those who are using video are barely scratching the surface of what can be done with a fully implemented video strategy!

Video is no longer something that’s nice to have. It is imperative to the success and growth of a business, so really there is only one question..

Are you going to do it first, or your competitors?

"Working with Ash was different from the word "Go." People need trust in the process from start to finish and let his creative vision take hold."
Gary Langrish
CEO || TrustHogen

Video Business Cards

Use what makes you different

Don't just take our word for it

Testimonials from our happy clients

Probably the biggest concern about video that we get. Our whole process is designed to make you feel comfortable and get the best out of you. We want you in the ZONE, taking you through the best moments on your business. Most clients are always amazed at how great they look and sound when they finally watch themselves back

At the moment, no! You can bring us in for one month or as long as you like.

Go for it! But ask yourself – Do you really know enough about video to ensure a member of staff is performing their best? Do you know what kinds of videos do what jobs? How long certain videos should be? Where is best to put them on the website? Video is so much more than the final image, which unfortunately is all a lot of videographers know what to do!

We take away those headaches, all you have to do is turn up and talk about your awesome business, we have all the other stuff.

It starts off by filling out the form, we have an initial conversation to discuss your business, the aims and what you want from the project We then put together a strategic video plan that either works to the time you have or the budget you have.

We’re big fans of getting the most important stuff out the way first (video business cards, product videos, process videos) and move onto more fun, entertaining social media content down the line. This is about getting results not likes!

We send a monthly invoice, the first installement of which is to be paid before the first month starts.

Take customers from "never heard of them" to "sign me up"

This form allows us to get valuable information that will shape our initial consultation, allowing our time to be as productive as possible. It should only take 5minutes to complete and will get you started on the journey to unlocking the full potential of video within your business.

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