No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story

Gary Vaynerchuk

From a high impact one-off piece of content to a full blown video strategy. We’ve got you covered.

What we aim to do with our approach to video production is give you the best possible chance of being the one that stands head and shoulders over the competition by showcasing you are a business with heart, soul and passion and along the way hit four key areas of business: Saving time, building relationships, generating more income and qualifying leads.

Video Business Card

An eye watering 90%(!) of customers said video played an active part in them making a decision.

This is the video that seperates you from the competition, amplifies everything you’re amazing at and allows you to implement it across your business to generate results instantly.

Start-up Strategy

“The best form of offense is a good defense.”

We firmly believe in this saying and as such we ensure that you have the best possible chance of securing a client once they’re aware of you and what you do.

This consists of a tailored 5 video package that covers the customer journey from first discovery, through to getting more value out of each customer, once they’re in your system.

Take off

Looking to really drive your business forward? Our fully fledged strategy package is designed to attract new customers and get old customers back in through the door, as well as exploring internal processes and how they can be improved.

This service is carried out over 6-12months and operates on a retainer basis – So there is no huge upfront cost and gives us the ability to be fluid with content creation depending on the flavour of the month.

This goes hand-in-hand with our retargetting package .


We look after you – That Video Strategy Company was founded on the fact that businesses weren’t getting the right and appropiate aftercare and guidance once they had their content – We’re different.

From regular check-ups and a instant action plan to get the most out of your new marketing tool, we can also offer on-going monthly support for a monthly fee for running the advertising side of your efforts.

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