G’day babes. How are ya? Oh man…… I can’t remember off the top of my head but it was something like $14k

Mikey Braun, Casual FB message

Working with the team at “Bodriggy Brew Pub” while Mikey was going through his cocktail comp was one hell of a journey. Part of the competition saw Mikey have to produce video content for his cocktail creation, which he came to us for. The brief was simple, but we wanted to go further, to really deliver a crisp video that showcased not only how great the drink was, but also Mikey’s skills, personality and the reasons he was raising money for the charity he was.

In the end he managed to rasie around $14,000, however during the competition, Australia had been set ablaze with a torrent of wild fires – In the end the money was split across two fantastic charities one supporting mental health, the other supporting those people who lost everything in the fires.

Great guy, great project, great cocktail.

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